Monthly Flying Stars – August 2017, Month of the Earth Monkey Wu Shen 戊申 (from August 7th to September 6th)

Monthly Flying Stars – August 2017, Month of the Earth Monkey Wu Shen 戊申 (from August 7th to September 6th)

In addition to the annual flying stars explained in a dedicated article, there are also monthly flying stars that occupy different areas of your home or workplace for a month. Each area will be occupied by one of the 9 different stars for a complete month. This star will combine during this period with the annual star that is already located in the same area.

First, identify the areas where your front door, your bedroom, your kitchen and your living room are located and follow the monthly recommendations to set up some elemental cures to either reduce the impact of the negative stars and/or activate the auspicious energies of these areas.

Each diagram is used in the same way: in each of the 9 squares, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the monthly star while the number in the centre indicates the annual star. Use a reliable compass to determine the direction, and then refer to the corresponding square to see the monthly forecasts for each sector. Focus especially on the protection or activation of the areas in which your front door and your bedroom are located!


Stars 1 and 9 are joining to form a Sum of Ten combination, providing very good support and a rise of reputation to ambitious people. Together they attract good promotion luck and opportunities at work, new customers for businessmen and glory for artists. It is best not to over-activate this combination of stars, at the risk of getting sick and provoking heart or eyes problems.


This could become a complicated month for those who spend a lot of time in this area, because the energies located in this sector are not favorable for career and prosperity. Use the Metal element to decrease the bad luck that may cause pain to the head. Nevertheless, mental stress and frustration arising from health problems could be possible. Protect your health so that you can do well with your career!


It will be a prosperous month if you can win over your competition this month. Conquer and give a boost to your wealth luck by placing a fountain or an aquarium here. Earning money to and from your competitors will be easier than usual. Young people see an improvement in their love life, but this is not a reason to stay up late at night!


The prosperity luck is good. The multiplicative star reinforces the star of prosperity, bringing good news to residents in this area. Increase luck here with lamps or candles and organize a party in this area of your home. Avoid arguing with people older than you, for intergenerational conflicts might occur. Do not let this hassle ruin the luck that could be yours this month.


Watch your diet and be careful this month as the illness star could cause stomach problems. So avoid eating unhealthy foods and place decorative metallic objects in the Centre of your home or workplace. The conflicting elements cause a setback to the advancement of your career. There are also indications of marital problems and risk of miscarriage. The elderly, pregnant women and weak people should really avoid sleeping in this sector during the month.


This is a good month for those working in the writing, education and communication fields. Spending time in this sector enables a wonderful opportunity in education and promotes artistic creativity. With the excess of Wood present in this area, you may suffer more emotional stress. Furthermore, a romantic scandal caused by a third party could happen to a family member. Use the energy of the Fire to control this problematic Qi.


This sector is afflicted by the bad luck star that brings financial losses, health problems and bad luck to those who reside here. Put some Metal here to appease the star and do not disturb the area with excessive activity. Energy is very unfavorable for men. Writers and students will find it a difficult month in terms of productivity. Skin-related health problems are possible. Avoid doing risky sports throughout the month of August.


An excess of Metal Qi indicates possibilities of burglary, violence and conflicts involving metal. Keep all sharp objects away from this sector to avoid violent disputes and injuries that could lead to excessive bleeding, particularly to young people. If your front door is located in the North, keep it well lit at night. Avoid going out late at night and do not hang chimes in this area. Avoid sleeping here if you are elderly and place a fountain in the sector as a remedy. However, this configuration remains useful if you are active as a military and might even provide you with a promotion!


Beware of problems caused by the conflict between these two elements. They could create financial problems and emotional stress, not only personally, but also professionally. Remove it with Metal energy. Marriages and relationships suffer from tension and stress caused by the conflict of energies. Keep this area as quiet as possible and do not hang bells or chimes here this month.

三煞 Monthly Three Killings in the SOUTH

© Texts from Feng Shui Diary & Almanac 2017, Marc-Olivier Rinchart & Johann Bauer

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  1. Bogie

    Hi Master, thank you very much for the reply. If staying in sw area this month is good with the 8 star but the negative 7 star resides also in sw, is it still good to do home office in this sector?

  2. Bogie

    Hi Master,

    If water activation is not possible in SW sector this month of August where the * star resides, is it ok to do home office in this sector or just simply stay in sw more often to be able to benefit from the good qi of # 8 star? Thank you for sharing your insight.

    1. Dear Bogie,

      Absolutely, it’s quite the way of doing things. Energies can only have an effect if we are in contact with. So yes, you can benefit from the energy of the star 8 by using this area this month.

      Best regards 🙂

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