Monthly Flying Stars – December 2020, Earth Rat – Wu Zi 戊子 (from December 7th 2020 to January 4th 2021)

Monthly Flying Stars – December 2020, Earth Rat – Wu Zi 戊子 (from December 7th 2020 to January 4th 2021)

In addition to the annual flying stars, there are also monthly flying stars that occupy different areas of your home or workplace for a month. Each area will be occupied by one of the 9 different stars for a complete month. This star will combine during this period with the annual star that is already located in the same area.

First, identify the areas where your front door, your bedroom, your kitchen and your living room are located and follow the monthly recommendations to set up some elemental cures to either reduce the impact of the negative stars and/or activate the auspicious energies of these areas.

Each diagram is used in the same way: in each of the 9 squares, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the monthly star while the number in the centre indicates the annual star. Use a reliable compass to determine the direction, and then refer to the corresponding square to see the monthly forecasts for each sector. Focus especially on the protection or activation of the areas in which your front door and your bedroom are located!


The monthly celestial xtar strengthens the annual star and brings financial opportunities that can come with health problems and particularly to the lungs and bones (fractures). Older people should avoid this area. Quarrels within the family are also to be expected if you spend a lot of time in the Southeast. Place moving Water here to avoid health problems. Avoid handling sharp objects in this area this month.


Avoid sleeping in this area if your bedroom is located here, as the combination of two illness stars may cause chronic diseases. The elderly and persons with a fragile health should absolutely avoid this area, because there is a risk of heart problems. You can count on instability when it comes to your finances, even though unexpected gains may arise, they will disappear right away. Be sure to place Metal objects in this area to counter the unfavorable Qi.


This combination not only promotes travel, but will also make you very attractive in the eyes of people of the opposite sex. Those staying in this area will therefore enjoy excellent luck in love throughout the month, however beware of interference from other people. This is where you will need to spend time if you want to excel artistically, intellectually, or study. If you have asthma or bronchial problems, avoid this area the whole month.


The two 5 Stars are a dangerous combination that threatens health and also brings conflict within the family and loss of money. Avoid lighting candles in this sector and place Metal to weaken unfavorable energies which should not be taken lightly, especially if your bedroom is located in the East or your house is facing East. It is advised to avoid using the room in that area if you can.


This unfavorable combination increases the risks of armed robbery and other problems such as fights, violence, infidelity. Gentlemen, don’t listen to the flattery of the women around you. People having their bedroom or front door located in the Center should avoid overworking and be very careful with metal objects. Use a Yin Water cure to protect yourself from burglary and keep this area well lit.


Career and promotion luck is excellent, and good news should abound this month if your house’s natal chart features a nice combination of stars here as well. The fashion, show business or aesthetic professions will be particularly advantaged. Spend time in this area to shape this luck. You might consider decorative earthen decorative objects here to rebalance the excess of Fire. Do not light candles in this area this month.


The Northeast brings good energies for the next four weeks. Spend time there especially if you need to study or master new skills. On the financial side, the outlook is good. On the love side, pay attention to your partner because he or she could stray. Men should reduce their alcohol consumption during this month. Some kidney, bladder or stomach problems are to be expected.


Quarrels, backbiting, arguments and even cruelty will be on the menu in this sector this month. Newlyweds should avoid staying there. Small misunderstandings could turn into big battles in court. A wind of hysteria is blowing over the North, on the health side, be on the lookout for any problems that may arise. Should you meet any problem, use a Fire element (candles, lamps, …).


The annual prosperity Star combines with its monthly counterpart making this area very favorable for wealth, reputation and career. It also promotes stable health. This combination is slightly weakened by the Metal present in this sector, but nevertheless promotes a good return on investment and the acquisition of new real estate. So it is now the right time to complete the sale or purchase of real estate. Spend more time in this area and activate it by keeping it well lit.

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