Monthly Flying Stars – May 2021, Water Snake – Gui Si 癸巳  (from May 5th to June 4th)

Monthly Flying Stars – May 2021, Water Snake – Gui Si 癸巳 (from May 5th to June 4th)

In addition to the annual flying stars, there are also monthly flying stars that occupy different areas of your home or workplace for a month. Each area will be occupied by one of the 9 different stars for a complete month. This star will combine during this period with the annual star that is already located in the same area.

First, identify the areas where your front door, your bedroom, your kitchen and your living room are located and follow the monthly recommendations to set up some elemental cures to either reduce the impact of the negative stars and/or activate the auspicious energies of these areas.

Each diagram is used in the same way: in each of the 9 squares, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the monthly star while the number in the centre indicates the annual star. Use a reliable compass to determine the direction, and then refer to the corresponding square to see the monthly forecasts for each sector. Focus especially on the protection or activation of the areas in which your front door and your bedroom are located!


If this room is not your bedroom, the risks of disease (mainly in the bladder, kidneys and ears), accidents and disasters can be controlled with the Wood element. So place plants in this area. Tensions between spouses are to be expected if the bedroom is located in this sector. If so, place decorative metal objects or rather try to sleep in another room for this month if possible. The youngest of the family should be particularly careful as they will undergo the effects of this combination.


Whether you have a manual job or a job related to authority, you will have a very good month in terms of prosperity. This is also a good area to learn, so if you have any exams or homework to prepare, this is the right place to do so. Be careful with sharp objects, and headaches may be more frequent than usual.


Things will be tense and difficult at home this month, especially between brothers. It is not a good idea to let young boys sleep in this sector this month, especially if their health is already fragile. At work things are going well, promotion is possible and finances are fine. Use the Fire element (candles, lamps …) to pacify the energies of this sector.


Accomplishing things successfully and favorable development of your projects, … this is what this star combination allows you. So keep in touch with these energies if that is what you are looking for this month. Be careful though : the risk of fire is higher during the next 4 weeks in this sector.


It’s not a good area this month. If your gateway is there, you will have to contend with blockages and obstacles mainly in your career and in your finances. The monthly star 2 also brings health issues related to the stomach and abdomen. The man of the house will be the most affected by all this trouble. Women could encounter some gynecological problems. So try to avoid this area as much as possible. If your room is in this sector, add Metal.


Although the West is a good sector for prosperity this month, and brings good financial opportunities as well as possible promotion at work, it is not a good sector for young children and youth. Married couples should also avoid this area. Some tensions could arise. Also be careful if you already have back (lumbago) or kidney problems, it may not be a good idea to spend too much time in this area of your home.


The star 9 reinforces the bad energies brought by the monthly star 5. Do not get drawn into stupid bets or bad investments which could cost you dearly and lose a lot of money. Eye problems could also occur. Place Metal here to overcome bad Qi or avoid this area if you can this month and remove any Fire element!


The Multiplicative Star amplifies the harmful Qi already present in this area. Problems at work arise and those who have their own business will find it difficult. Health problems are increasing and children should avoid sleeping in this area. On a more positive note, ladies, you will be particularly attractive this month, take advantage of it, but if you are married, be careful as this could cause your husband to walk away! Place decorative Metal objects in this area to appease unfavorable energies.


The quarrelsome star 3 brings its share of trouble. The risks of burglary, theft, loss of money are the possible consequences. Be careful when you communicate with your partner, altercations could lead to a separation. Some health concerns are also on the agenda (eyes, feet, legs, cuts to the arm). So avoid that area as much as possible this month, and place Yin Water in and remove any Fire elements.

三煞 Monthly Three Killings in the East.

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