Are you ready ?

Are you ready ?

Bienvenue sur le nouveau blog d’Infinity Feng Shui, votre site de référence pour découvrir le monde fascinant de la métaphysique asiatique. Vous y retrouverez des articles traitant du Feng Shui, du BaZi, du Qi Men Dun Jia, du Yi Jing,… et bien plus encore.

Marc-Olivier RINCHART

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Feng Shui

We offer our expertise for all your audits, whether for professionals or private individuals


Our experts offer you personalized analyzes to help you make the right decisions at the right time

Date selection

Want to plan an important event? Then the selection of favorable dates is for you! Whether it’s for a store opening, renovation dates, the launch of a new product, a wedding …

Editions IFS

Discover our publishing house specializing in Feng Shui, BaZi, Yi Jing, Buddhism, etc…


All our services, books, training, conferences can be ordered directly online, by secure payment !

BaZi Calculator

Curious about your Pillars of Destiny? Our professional calculator draws up your theme in a few clicks, it also calculates for you your Gua number, your favorable and unfavorable directions, as well as the stars present in your theme!


Our trainings & conferences


We currently offer 2 BaZi modules. At the end of the 1st module you will be able to put together a theme and interpret it. The 2nd module is a more specialized module, and particularly, on the 10 Deities. This will allow you to refine your analytical skills.

Feng Shui

Our 2 Feng Shui modules are aimed at all those who want to learn and understand the mechanisms of traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Module 1 is aimed at both beginners and those who already have a solid background. Module 2 is more specialized in San He (environmental studies) and deepens the knowledge seen in the first module.


We know that you have a busy schedule and it is not always easy to free yourself up to attend training. We therefore offer tailor-made training according to your availability. For more information on this subject, please contact us.