2nd Activation for Wealth !

2nd Activation for Wealth !


Here is the second Activation date for Wealth : on November 17th at 9:30 am (or between 9 and 11 am – local time wherever you are) activate the South (丙,午,丁) except if you have a Rooster (酉) in one of your BaZi pillars (conflict animal), again sorry for the Roosters, but don’t worry you’ll have other good dates to activate 🙂

Ok, but how to activate ? On this day at the given time you have several choices for activation : (choose the one that suits you best)

  • make some renovations works in this sector or nail something in the wall,
  • move all the furniture in this sector,
  • put a moving water feature for 2 weeks (but be aware, the quantity of water is important ! a small decorative water feature is not enough!)

When will you notice that your finances have improved ? Within a period of 60 to 90 days, sometimes faster.

You can also use this date to launch a new product, start a new project. The procedure is the same, you activate on this date and you launch your new product or project to the next Wealth activation date which will be communicated soon. If you already did the first activation on November 5th. you can use this date to start your new project.

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