How to make a salt water cure?

How to make a salt water cure?


The salt water cure is a popular Feng Shui remedy in the Flying Star system that is often used to neutralize the negative effects of unfavorable annual stars that come to nest in certain areas of your home or workplace.

Considered as a Metal cure (as you’ll see below, the Metal element is represented in this remedy by the use of metal coins), the salt water cure combines the purifying effects of salt and water and the chemical reaction between metal and salt. It is traditionally used to suppress the negative Earth energy of the misfortune star 5 and the illness star 2. However, some practitioners also use it to “cut” the Wood of the quarrelsome star 3. Indeed, in the five elements cycles, Metal weakens the Earth and controls the Wood.

If you notice that one of these unfavorable stars (5, 3 or 2) is located in your bedroom, living room, office, entrance or in your kitchen, you might consider to create a salt cure to submit the negative energy brought by these stars. However, if you see that they occupy a room that you never (or almost never) use – like the storage room, garage, bathroom … – you do NOT necessarily need to have one in these sectors.

How to create a salt water cure?

First, go on the search for the following ingredients: sea salt, a container (glass, porcelain, metal, …) of minimum 75cl, 6 coins (5 brass coins and 1 silver coin), some water and a plate or trivet (to protect your furniture).

  1. Fill the container for 3/4 with the salt
  2. Place the 6 coins on top of the salt. Traditionally, I Ching coins are used, but, honestly, any coin will do. If you opt for the traditional coins, place them on the salt with the Yang side visible (= the yang side is the one with the 4 chinese characters), so that the Yin side (which has only two ideograms) touches the surface of the salt. Why do we use 6 coins? The number 6 represents the QIAN trigram, the metal element that is necessary to submit the afflicted Earth energy of the stars 5 and 2.
  3. Fill the water container to the brim.
  4. Place the container on the plate or on the trivet and put this set into the sector occupied by the annual flying star 5 or 2.
  5. And most importantly: do not cover the container and do not put it inside a cabinet, because the salt-water-coins mixture must come in contact with the ambient air to create “salt crystals”. In order to avoid capsizing your cure, you should prefer an area where there is not too much passage, like the corner of the room, for example. The cure should not necessarily be visible for it to work, so you can very well put it behind a plant, behind picture frames or the couch, provided it is not enclosed in a cabinet. Keep it in a place that is easily accessible, as you will have to regularly add water to the brim.
  6. Some Masters sometimes put another metal object right next to the salt water cure (metal windchime, metal wu lou, metal ruler,…) to get the best result possible.
  7. Once set up, avoid to move it around.
If you would like to make your own salt water cure, please click here for a complete set.

Please take note of these important details:

  • Please note that the salt water cure is NOT the same as the salt lamps that are sold in Europe!
  • As the salt cure will absorb and accumulate a lot of negative energy, the appearance of your salt cure may change as time passes. The more you see salt crystals overflowing the container, the more you know that the cure is doing its job of submitting the negative energies (well done!). So be careful when you want to replace it. Do not attempt to retrieve the container or coins for a second use, but trow it all away. Traditionally, around chinese new year (solar new year, so around February 4th) is always a good time to start a new salt water cure or to replace the old one. In some extreme cases, the cure must be replaced every season, while in less serious cases,


  1. En

    Hello, for the salt water cure, if using other types of coins (ie. currency coins of any countries), do the coins have to be brass, with holes in the centre, and of a certain value (eg. 1 cent vs 5 cents)? Also how would one know which side of the coin is yin and which is yang?


    1. Marc-Olivier

      Hi there, not it doesn’t matter if there is a hole or not, nor does the country or the value count. The side of the coin with the number is the yang side, the yin side usually has a face on it.

    1. Marc-Olivier

      Thank you for your message. Masters who use the salt water cure usually use it against the ill effects of (annual or monthly) flying stars 2 and 5 which are respectively flying to the Northeast and Southwest areas of any building in 2019.

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    More power to you . I look forward to reading more of your articles. Please include me on your list and i will turn on my notifications to your articles.

    1. Dear Rizale,

      thank you so much for your feedback and comment! Happy you can find useful articles on our website. You can directly subscribe by email to our blog and be notified each time there is a new article (please look in the footer and subscribe).
      Have a great year of the Earth Dog!

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