Feng Shui or not?

Feng Shui or not?

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So after watching this little animation what do you think?

The key thing in this beautiful little animation – thanks to Wu Ji who will recognize herself, and who made us discover it – it is the use of a Luo Pan (Feng Shui compass). Very often in Europe, when one thinks Feng Shui, one thinks interior decoration, zen, colors, etc … and that’s just not it of course! The decor, the colors, the « zen » feeling, it is you who create it by your choices of decoration and these are of course important for you but not for the Feng Shui 🙂

Environment first!

For the rest, no need to put the house upside down. As we repeat during our training and conferences, Feng Shui is above all the influences of the external environment on your home and the location of your home in this particular environment.

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