Flying Stars for 2017


Every year, the annual flying stars change their location around February 4th, according to the Chinese solar calendar. Throughout the 12 months of the year of the Fire Rooster 2017, there will be 4 areas within your living or work spaces that will be affected by negative energies and others that will be occupied by more positive stars. As a feng shui practitioner, you must first understand the effects of the negative stars and know how to submit them with elemental cures. Then, you can take care of the favourable stars and how to activate them.

And a little remark to finish: not putting elemental cures in a negative sector of your home or office will not be a problem if you can avoid using it! So remember, try to spend more time in the favourable areas and avoid as much as possible the unfavourable sectors. As we often repeat it , for that energy to have an effect on you must first be in contact with it. This applies as well for unfavourable and favourable energies.

The informations listed below give you a quick overview of the annual energies that occupy different areas of your home for a year, from February 3rd, 2017 to February 3rd, 2018 (included). Never forget however that the areas affecting the wealth and health of people depend largely on the quality and the combination of the facing and sitting stars of the natal chart of your home. If you have any doubt or if you like to get a more personalized assessment of your home, remember to ask a traditional Feng Shui consultant contact us.

You will find more information in our Feng Shui Diary & Almanac 2017


This is a good area if you want to start something new or a new career, because the energies present in this sector favour new beginnings. After the East, this area is considered the second sector of prosperity. The Southeast is therefore an ideal area to use to improve your income, especially if you just happen to occupy a new position. Put Yang Water (moving water) in this area to activate.


The South is the most dangerous area of your home as it is occupied by the 5 yellow star. It should be avoided for all significant activities or even, if possible, completely avoided! If this is not feasible, be sure to pacify the negative energies of this area by placing Metal elements or a salt water cure. Remove any Fire energy sector and avoid renovate this part of your home, at the risk of attracting bad luck, illness, lawsuits and money loss in your life.


The star 7 which is in the Southwest in 2017 can bring volatile emotions and, by extension, cause disputes, violence and slander. Couples who use this area can expect regular disagreements and quarrels. Keep in mind that if your front door is located here, you might be more susceptible to theft and loss. Moreover, the star 7 can mean unhealthy competition and rivalry in your career. Install a Yin Water cure (non-moving water) to remedy.


The East sector is considered the annual prosperity sector. If your front door is located here, you can expect good financial returns in your investments and to progress in your career. It is recommended to use this area as often as possible to give your reputation a boost.


Generally, the energy associated with this star is good, bringing new businesses, new beginnings and happy events. It is recommended for couples who wish to marry and start a family to use this sector as these energies support such events. As this star also governs all activities related to education, research, career, writing, prosperity and many other positive aspects, it might be interesting to use this central sector more often.


The West of your home is occupied by the star 3, which has a very negative reputation, because it causes deep disagreements and quarrels. You will notice an increase in tension in the family and it would be best to completely avoid the area if possible. The effects generated by star 3 may lead to theft, legal battles and lawsuits.


The Northeast of your property is occupied by an extremely beneficial star for any scientific and academic activities. The occupants of your home who use this area should therefore excel in their studies or research. If you have children at school or university, or have researchers or writers among your family members, install them in this area so they can enjoy the benefits of this star and see positive results in their work. Couples who live in this part of the house will see an improvement in their relationship and singles will see a change in their love life.


The presence of the star is auspicious and a harbinger of good things for professional activities, especially if you are in politics or vying for a promotion or if you want to move up in your career. You are looking for recognition for your work? So, try to use the North sector as often as possible this year!


The Northwest sector is not very favourable in 2017 as the illness star has taken possession of the premises for the year. So you should try to use the rooms inside this area as little as possible, as the influences caused by the star 2 are very negative and can cause illness or persistent health problems (stress, digestive problems…). Pregnant women and the elderly should avoid this area. If for whatever reason you can not do it, you will absolutely have to reduce the negative energies by placing a salt water cure or metal objects made of brass, copper, bronze or pewter here. Avoid Fire energy in this sector.



You will find all the information on each Star and more tips in our Feng Shui Diary & Almanac 2017. You’ll find the analysis of each sector for every month of the year with the interaction of the monthly and annual stars, and monthly advices for each sector.

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  1. Avatar

    Hi, my garage is at the center beside of the house with a door link to the house. The house is longer than the garage. Is the garage included in the bagua? If so, 2nd level, will have a huge missing spot? Thank u..

    1. Dear Earl,

      with your linked door to the house, the answer is yes! You have to include the garage within your floor plan. As for the second floor, you just have to adapt your bagua, so you won’t probably have a huge missing spot. By the way, the ground floor is the most important, so don’t worry about the second floor 😉
      Have a great year 🙂

  2. Hi, Thanks so much for your posts! I have a small house with a garage that is attached to house by one wall. You cannot enter the house from the garage. You have to go out the garage door and then walk down an outside walkway to enter the main house. Should I count the garage in my floor plan? Some feng shui masters say yes and others say no. Thanks so much for your advice! Michele

    1. Dear Michele,
      thank you for your comment. From our point of view, it you cannot enter the house from the garage you don’t have to count it in your floor plan. It’s like another unit, which makes sense to us as you wouldn’t take into account your right and left neighbors if you lived in a town house, even if their houses are attached to yours with one wall. Does this make sense to you?
      Best regards

  3. Avatar

    Wow! That was a quick response time. Thanks!!! Another question: how can i simultaneously active flying star 1 & 6 for carrer luck and 1 & 4 good study result? Now that i have to include the garage this means the toilet/restroom(first floor) is in the center of my house and the laundry room on second floor. What to do?

    1. Dear Zita,

      you can’t do much about the restroom in the center of your house, you probably know it already it’s not a good thing to have them here. As for the other question, you just need to spend time in the different sectors (North, Northeast), spending time there is the best activation, you don’t need to do more. One more tip 🙂 the best sector to use, according to us, this year is the Southeast !

      Best regards,


  4. Avatar

    Hi! I have 2 story house and has a garage which is about 40% of my first floor. My question is do I include the garage when maaping the annual flying star? Also is second floor treated the same as the first floor?

  5. Avatar

    Hi! Love your responses 🙂

    We are in the process of finishing a newly built home facing NW. 2 level 50sqm small. Husband and I are Earth and are auspicious in East but NW is metal in West and is currently number 2 in the afflicted flying star.

    Bedroom 1 NW facing
    Bedroom 2 SW facing
    Work area West, SW facing

    Bathroom in SE
    Dining room in NW

    What can I do?

    Pls help

    1. Dear Maria,
      I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. Everything is already written in the post for what to do in each sector of your home. Plus, I don’t get it what do you mean by “husband and I are Earth and are auspicious in East…” Are you talking about your Day Master in BaZi or the element of your animal sign, or something else ? I’m sorry to say it but it makes no sense to me at all, so I can’t help.

  6. Avatar
    Lina Petra

    Hello! I am building this year and very concerned about the injunction for no digging. I have a ton of digging to do to put in the water and power and swear. How bad it this? Very nervous

    1. Dear Lina,

      the two most important things to do are :

      1. starting on a good date (to keep it simple, a day with which you’re not conflicting)
      2. not to start or end the work in the afflicted areas (West, East, South)

      So no need to be overly nervous 😉

  7. Avatar

    Dear Infinity FengShui

    I will be moving into a 60m2 L-shaped flat in two weeks.
    In one part (the vertical part of the L ) there’s the kitchen and living-room, in the other one, there’s the bathroom and bedroom. I know that L-shaped houses could be bad feng shui. ( the south and southeast areas are missing ) So, I was wondering if I should use two different home bagua maps. One in the living area and the other one for the bathroom and bedroom.

    1. Dear Valeria,

      you should place the flying stars chart on the whole floor plan. So you’ll actually have, as you already know, 2 missing sectors. Which is not that bad this year for the South sector, you won’t be able to benefit from the good Qi residing in the Southeast this year that’s all.

      Have a great Fire Rooster Year !

  8. Avatar
    Raymond Chong

    Hi InfinityFengShui,
    I have a question, I am going to move into a new apartment and by looking at the chart, I notice that
    1. Living room at South (5)
    2. Dining Area at West (3)
    3. Kitchen area at NorthWest (2)

    Can you advise how can I reduce or totally avoid the bad element at those area? We usually use the Dining area also as Dry kitchen. Plus there will be renovation before we move in.

    Appreciate your advise on this.

    1. Dear Raymond,
      you just need to put some metallic items in the South and Northwest. But do not over-worry please as the Stars 5,3, and 2 are not to be feared that much this year. The most important to have under control this year is the Star 7 in the Southwest. As for your renovation, it’s no big deal since you won’t move in until it’s done. Just choose a good day to start with the renovations (a day you’re not in conflict with).

      Have a great Fire Rooster Year !


  9. Avatar

    Hi. My toilet is in the centre of the house. What can i do to reduce the negativity?
    And my stove is at southeast, since it is a general wealth sector, what can i do to? Im not able to change the position of the stove.

    Appreciate your advice on this.
    Thank you

    1. Dear Francesca,
      I’m sure your toilet doesn’t occupy the whole centre of your home, so don’t worry that much. Of course, it’s not good to have a toilet in the centre of a home and there is nothing you can do about it! So don’t waste your time to figure out what you could do against it, because there are only two options : 1. relocate the toilet somewhere else. 2. move in another house.
      For your stove, I don’t get it with the southeast being a “general wealth sector”? What do you mean with that? For 2017, the Star 9 which symbolizes the future prosperity, among other things, is located in that sector. So you could, as described in the article, put yang water in that sector.
      Have a great Fire Rooster Year!

  10. Hi it’s me again. I had actually posted under the peach blossom star introduction page but thought will ask you again here since I have another question on romance and education star area. What should I place on Northeast area and center area of 2017? I’m married and am worried about third party into my marriage. Had listened to the Chinese zodiac fortune for the year of Rooster, and apparently my romance this year is so so and there’s third party affair predicted in my husband’s zodiac. How do I prevent such incident and what should I place in my little apartment? Please advice and help. Thank you.

    1. Dear Mavictoria,
      I already answered all your questions about the South sector and the stove. So please take the time to read the answer. As for “enhancer” for career and promotions, there is no such things in traditional feng shui. You have to take action, that’s it ! And you can spend time, as much as possible, in the Southeast in 2017.

  11. Avatar
    Mavictoria Tan

    Will please let me know if the house extension is a part of the whole house now. We backyard turned into a tv room or as family room.. So now with that said our kitchen is now located at the south few degrees to the east and the stove is located at the south, what is the good remedy. Also my room is located at the SW and my headboard located at the South, will you please help with remedy please.

    1. Dear Mavictoria,
      we don’t do any audit by reading your comment. So I won’t reply for the house extension, we have to be there and see it before saying if it is part of the house or not, there are parameters to take in account for that. So sorry, no answer for this question. And as I said earlier for your kitchen you have to check if the oven is positioned in the south part of your kitchen, if it is I would suggest to use it as less as possible. For your bedroom place also a yin water cure (no moving water).

  12. Avatar
    Margaret James

    My bedroom is located in the south, with the head of my bed on the south wall.
    My zodiac is the Horse! Would it be size to move my bed to the east wall along with others cures?
    Thank you,

  13. Avatar

    Hello. I live in Australia. There is some conjecture over how the flying star works here compared to the northern hemisphere. I’ve been told to turn it upside down.can you please tell me if this is correct?. Thank you

    1. Dear Ingrid,
      we heard about this theory many years ago… and it’s not correct. We work in Feng Shui with the magnetic North so North is still North and so on… No need to put everything upside down because you are in the southern hemisphere. I hope this answer your question ?
      Have a wonderful year of the Fire Rooster !

  14. Avatar
    Sharon sabio

    My main/front door is facing north. The ground level is divided into 2, front is my business, there is a partition separating the other half, which is the back area, kitchen (south area) bathroom (left side) and dining area on the right. Im earth horse (1978). Where will i put my 5element pagoda.

    On the second floor, my bedroom (main) situated at the south sector. What are the remedies to combat bad luck? Do i need to put another 5 element pagoda on the south sector of my room, i actually hang 6rod windchime outside the bedroom situated at the northwest.

    1. Dear Sharon,

      it’s already enough if you put your cures on the ground level, no need to put some upstairs. You can place your 5 element pagoda (as long as it is made of Metal) in the South and in the Northwest. This year you should more focus your attention on the 7 Star in the Southwest, please put here a Yin Water cure.

  15. Avatar

    Hi, since we moved into our new house we have had nothing but badluck. We moved on 19th Aug 2013 and on 15th Nov 2013 my husband lost his job and was without a job for 9 months. I was diagnosed with cancer in May 2014, my son has been unable to find a job close to home and has had to move interstate for work. I am not sure what I can do to correct this?? I was born in 1963.

  16. Avatar

    Hi there,

    My house is facing North. My mother ( an Alzheimer patient) is born in the year of Rabbit ( 1939) and myself in 1963. Her bedroom is located in the Northwest and mine is in the West. Today, I have got a gift, a new miniature gold plated peach blossom ornament decorated with Chinese wording “Prosperity and Good Health”. Is there a best quadrant, date and time to put this item to avoid disaster?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Dear Serene,

      you can put the gift you received in a place you think is suitable for it, place it on a day your animal sign is not in conflict with (for you it’s the Rooster day). You and your mother will be under the influence of the Sui Po (year breaker) and the San Sha (3 Killings), you can read more about the annual affliction here.

      You should think about relocating your mother in an other bedroom if you can (since the Northwest is occupied by the illness star 2) or at least put a lot of metallic items in this room and avoid fire energy here.

      If you want more information about flying stars (annual, monthly), annual afflictions, and an easy date selection tool please check our Feng Shui Diary & Almanac 2017

    1. Dear Nicole,

      thank you for your nice message.

      To be sure, you should place a Tai Sui Plaque in the West (West 2 : 262,5 – 277,5°), and to protect yourself from accidentally activating the annual afflictions (due to your neighbor’s activities), you can activate the North 1 sector of your home (337,5 – 352,5°) at best on a Ren 壬 day (Yang water day) or at least on a day where your animal sign is not in conflict with.

      For your daughter with the illness star 2 in the NW, please do not worry that much as this star this year is not that strong. If you want to stay safe, please put Metal here.

      As for the 5 Yellow in the South, if you do the activation in the North 1 (of course after February the 3rd), you’ll be safe, otherwise put also Metal in the South sector of your home or a salt water cure.

      Have a wonderful Fire Rooster Year !

      If you want more information about flying stars (annual, monthly), annual afflictions, and an easy date selection tool please check our Feng Shui Diary & Almanac 2017

  17. Avatar
    Nicole Pohler

    First of all, congratulations! I follow everything 🙂

    Please, I have a few question.

    My house faces SW (246º), though my main entrance (house door) faces West (283º), but my right neighbour is building up (finishing) his house with full package (digging, banging, hammering, and so… (it will take at least 6 months). That orientation (wall with wall) looking from my living-room (center) is NW (333º), should I take some precautions about it?… My daughter´s room is on the 2nd floor, and her wall faces NW 🙁 (illness star?).

    All these directions I refered before, obviesly the other side of my neighbour´s wall, would be S and SE (seen from his center and looking to his left, so, my property). (lined houses, we are side by side) Could the star #5 affect my house, even he´s the one making noise?
    If yes, what can I do?

    I already have 2 fu dogs watching over my main door. 🙂 But with star 5 that wont be enough, I´m afraid!

    Thank you very much.

  18. Hi there
    Our entry to our home is in the North West – enters into our kitchen/dining area, this is where most of our activity is. Do I need to apply a cure?
    Another question, we are in the Southern Hemisphere – Australia – does this make a difference with compass points?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Dear Jennifer,
      Thank you for your message. To answer your question: you need to put some Metal elements or a salt water cure in the Northwest sector of you home to reduce the effect of the Star 2.
      About the compass, we work with the magnetic North in traditional feng shui, so no need to do any adjustements about the direction, North is still North and so on…
      Have a wonderful Fire Rooster year !

  19. Avatar

    Hi how are you? My kitchen is located on west 3 it tells m
    E no to use it as much ’cause is not good for me, but that’s my kitchen i spent most of the time there is there something I can do to fix it or to cure it. Thank you

    1. Dear Magia,

      don’t worry you can still use your kitchen and spend time there. The flying star 3 is not that strong this year, so it should be ok. If you notice more quarrel inside your home, then spend some time in the North sector of your home, which will improve your communication.

  20. Avatar
    Michael Fletcher

    I am in the process of planning my changes for 2017 for my home office. My house is located North West. What are the best colours for this year and when should I make all my changes to the furniture be facing in favourable positions.

    1. Dear Michael,
      You probably meant that your house is facing Northwest instead of located?
      They aren’t such things as best colors for this year in traditional feng shui.
      About moving your furniture around to face favorable directions, you don’t have to do it every year. If you do it according to your Gua Number and your favorable directions, you just have to place once your desk / chair in your home office facing one of those favorable directions and that’s it. You just have to check every year if that direction is not facing the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) example for 2017 it’s West 2.

    1. Hi,
      you shouldn’t move big furnitures pieces after the 3rd of February in the following sectors : West, East, and South. If you are asking for moving or placing your remedies please read below the answer we wrote to Ruth.
      Have a wonderful year of the Fire Rooster 🙂

  21. Avatar

    My bedroom is located in the West. I am considering to install a new curtain or blinds blocking the sunset rays , please advise what color, pattern (eg water features or polka dots) would be suitable?

    1. Dear Serene,
      You may install whatever pattern you think is suitable for the decoration of your bedroom. From a Feng shui point of view it’s not important. But please do it before the 4th of February, because after that you would disturb the Tai Sui in the west and could possibly have some serious problems.

  22. Avatar
    Ruth Engelland

    Is it ok to remove 2016 cures and start 2017 cures before Feb 4th? I was wanting to get started since so many changes to my décor will take place.
    Thank You, Ruth Engelland Denver, Co.

    1. Dear Ruth,

      Thank you for your message. The best way to do it, is to replace the cure at nearest as possible to the 3rd of February. However you already can remove some cures but please leave those you’ve put in place for the Tai Sui and the 3 Killings (San Sha) until the changing date. And please put your cures for 2017 on a day during which you’re not in conflict.
      Best regards,


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