Your Peach Blossom stars: how to take advantage?

Your Peach Blossom stars: how to take advantage?

You want others to like you, finding you charming, friendly, irresistible, in short they will love you… In this case, you need your Peach blossom stars. These stars are not only here to get more irresistible to your amorous conquests. Above all you can use for important meeting such as signing a loan agreement with your bank, in negotiations where you want to convince the other party… In short the application fields are vast.  To have them in your Four Pillars of Destiny is always a good sign! So check in your own BaZi if they are present.

Very well, but now, how to activate them?

Once you know your Peach Blossom Stars you have to locate them on a compass using the Earthly Branch (animal sign) that corresponds to the Peach Blossom Stars. Once the Earthly Branch is located, simply put moving water in the 15° concerned and leave it for 2 weeks. Also, you will need to start again a few months later!

Note: however, that as any activation, you must choose a good day, with which you are not in conflict, and a good time. To do this, check the Feng Shui Diary & Almanac. And of course don’t forget the annual afflictions (Tai Sui, Sui Po, 3 Killings).


  1. MAPIL

    My peach blossom star is Monkey, so I must place a glass of water in the southwest of the house. My flower of romance is rat. My day master is rabbit. Next year 2020 will be the rat’s year. It is a good year to get married ?

    1. Marc-Olivier

      Thanks for your message. Not necessarily… it means your charisma will be higher, but it does not mean therefore that it will be a good year to be married. Other aspects will have to be studied in your BaZi chart, and the BaZi chart of your partner.

  2. Hi Like what you said Peach blossom star is good in our four pillars as it help in good relationships and smooth activities with people. But I’m married. How should I activate this star without causing any third party into my marriage? And how to have a better marriage relationship with my husband as we love each other very much but we doesn’t seems to be able to have a relationship without arguments sometimes over very trivial matters. Please help and advice. Thank you.

    1. Dear Faye,
      the activation is already explained in the article. As for your marriage and your fear to have a third party coming into it, don’t ever forget that we are the masters of our own destiny and everything depends on our choices in life! So in short, it’s not because you activate your peach blossom star that something will happen to your marriage, unless you want it and make the choice. The same goes for the trivial arguments you have with your husband, you have them because you “want” them. Once you are fully aware that they’re trivial, don’t waste your time on it!

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