Feng Shui 2016, which sectors you should use

Feng Shui 2016, which sectors you should use


A reminder to the many people who attended our L’Actu Feng Shui 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey – Bing Shen 丙申 conferences and some valuable tips to those who could not attend.

First, in Feng Shui, what interests us the most is Qi, the energy, and how to benefit from the favorable sectors with a positive Qi. Well, the best way is to be in contact with this energy and so the secret is to spend as much time as you can in the various sectors to take advantage of this positive energy and to feel its effects. And yes, it’s that simple! And the second thing is to only select the areas that interest you the most according to your preferences, it’s a bit like a “Feng Shui à la Carte”

So, here’s a summary of the sectors in your home you can use depending on your aspirations for the year 2016 (which, we remind you, will end early February next year).

First of all, the best facing directions for houses and the best sectors in 2016 are:

  • the South
  • the Southwest
  • the Southeast
  • and the East

If your house faces one of these directions, well done, you don’t have to do much except enjoying the good energies for the year.

In more details now:

  • Southwest: with the star 8, a good area to use for those who are employed, your prosperity will be activated. However, if you’re retired, do NOT use this sector or you may find yourself at work again!
  • East: with the star 9, if you are self-employed, entrepreneur, this is the area where you should spend as much time as you can! The effects will be felt over the long term.
  • Southeast: with the star 1, a very good area to use if you want to be in touch with the right people, those that make you move forward at all levels. You can also use this area when you are in a learning phase with many new things to learn. From our perspective, this is definitely the best sector in 2016!
  • South: with the star 6, tacitly implies challenges, and changes. If you use this area you probably will have a job change this year. You can use this area to give up bad habits!

Bonus are some additional tips:

  • Northeast: occupied by the 5 star this year, presumably the worst sector, but if you are risk taker, there is there a special formation 5-2-8 which only happens once every 9 years! And this is the best year to use it. The fallout in terms of prosperity can be enormous, but pay attention to your health!
  • West: with the star 4 : be careful, this year this star will show its negative aspects and potential relational and emotional problems are to be expected if you spend too much time in this sector.
  • Northwest: with star 3 brings challenges and sudden changes in career or relationships with problems sidelined.
  • North: with the 7 here we have a peach blossom combination, spend time here if you want to use your charms on someone, but beware it will be only for fun not for love!

You want to know in advance the best sectors to be used for the year 2017?

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