#Bruxelles #BrusselsAttack #JeSuisBruxelles

#Bruxelles #BrusselsAttack #JeSuisBruxelles


The picture of this Hare may seem a bit incongruous when you read the title of this article, but after hours spent watching the live broadcastings on TV, from the moment we heard that 2 bombs exploded at Brussels’ airport (Zaventem airport, which is not far away from us) and one in the Maelbeek Subway Station, we wanted to see something different…

That said, this picture is not that incongruous because we are still in the month of the Rabbit and yesterday, March 22nd, the day of these terrible attacks (#BruxellesAttack) in #Bruxelles it was also a Rabbit day (癸卯 – Yin Water Rabbit day).

We would like to thank you all for all the messages of support we have been receiving continuously since yesterday morning. It touches us to see that people – even as far away as French Polynesia, Singapore, Malaysia or the United States – cared for us and wanted to hear from us. We reassure you : we, as well as our families, are doing well and we were sage during these terrorist attacks.

For those of you who came to see us during our various Actu Feng Shui® 2016, you may still have in mind what we had announced, unfortunately… What we have experienced since 2015 and the attacks of Paris is not ready to stop, far from it, il will even get worse! And that in this year 2016, you must be especially careful when travelling. Remember, no transportation method will escape all possible dangers this year! However, please do not fall into paranoia and fear, the best thing to do, is to live your life to the fullest, without regrets and enjoy every moment, take risks, but calculated risks!

In these 3 days of national mourning in Belgium, our thoughts are with the victims of the terrorist attacks and their families.

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