April 庚辰 a helping hand for health and legal problems…

You need a relief, an improvement in your health after an illness? You want a little help for your legal problems? In the month of April 庚辰 (between April 5 and may 4) you can enable sectors Northeast 2 (艮) and Northeast 3 (寅) of your home. Yes, but what do we mean by ‘activate’? In this case, to activate 2 specific stars who provide help and support for health problems or legal problems, you need to “renovate” these areas. Make a hole in the wall or the floor then fill him for example, we trust your imagination to see what you can do in terms of renovation, you must in all cases be in contact with the Earth. Paint a wall or hang a picture is therefore insufficient.

Of course, you will begin your renovations in this sector a day where you are not in conflict, for this so check in the Feng Shui calendar or Almanac Feng Shui 2015 if the day in question is favorable to you.

Why we do not touch to the Northeast 1 (丑)? It is the location of the Sui Po this year and we do not want to disturb him. More information on Sui Po can be found in our Almanac Feng Shui 2015

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