Flying Stars for 2021


Throughout the 12 months of the year of the Metal Ox Xin Chou 辛丑 2021, there will be 4 areas within your living or work spaces that will be affected by negative energies and others that will be occupied by more positive stars. As a feng shui practitioner, you must first understand the effects of the negative stars and know how to submit them with elemental cures. Then, you can take care of the favorable stars and how to activate them. Applying the guidelines listed below will save you not only from a lot of negative impacts, but it will at the same time increase your chances of happiness and success in the year 2021.
And a little remark to finish: not putting elemental cures in a negative sector of your home or office will not be a problem if you can avoid using it! So remember, try to spend more time in the favorable areas and avoid as much as possible the unfavorable sectors.


The SOUTHEAST is the most dangerous area of your home as it is occupied by the 5 yellow star. It should be avoided for all significant activities or even, if possible, completely avoided! If this is not feasible, be sure to pacify the negative energies of this area by placing Metal elements or a salt-water cure. This year, the Star 5 is activated by the sector in which it resides. Remove any Fire energy from this sector and avoid renovating this part of your home, at the risk of attracting bad luck, illness, lawsuits and money loss in your life. If for whatever reason you have to still have to renovate it, you will do so by choosing a good date that has been carefully calculated. The DragonsSnakes and Gua 4 people will be under its influence this year.


It is also the star of nobility and is often linked to a good reputation and status. In recent years and for a few more decades, the energies associated with this star are excellent in terms of prosperity, recognition and luck. If your front door is located in the SOUTH, you can expect good news and to travel more frequently this year. If you are an employee and your office is located in this area, your work will be recognized by your superiors and colleagues. If the area is not supported by the environment, this star could possibly cause depression or emotional problems, a separation or loneliness. Gua 9 and people born under the sign of the Horse will receive the most from its benefits.


The North of your house is occupied by star 3 which brings bad luck, lawsuits, disputes and calumny. Therefore, it can bring money loss. Avoid the Water element in the SOUTHWEST and use the Fire element to weaken the energy of this star. People with liver or limb-related health problems should avoid this area. The SheepMonkey and Gua 2 people will be the most affected by this unfavorable star.


The EAST of your property is occupied by an extremely beneficial star for any scientific and academic activity. The occupants of your home or your workplace who use this area should therefore excel in their studies or research. If you have children at school or university, or have researchers or writers among your family members, install them in this area so they can enjoy the benefits of this star and see positive results in their work. Rabbit and Gua 3 people will fall under its influence this year.


It represents status, power, authority, success and accomplishments that are achieved through hard work and perseverance. The CENTER is therefore an excellent sector to use if you want to move up in your career or if you are looking for recognition for your work. So, try to use this sector as often as possible this year! By cons, if the external environment does not support this sector or that your bedroom is located here, the negative sides of this star may emerge and cause feelings of loneliness and sadness. It can also cause sudden changes; so stay alert, especially if it concerns your career… 


The WEST is considered the annual prosperity sector. It is synonymous with happiness, fame and wealth, reaping the fruits of your work and personal efforts. If your front door is located here, you can expect good financial returns in your investments and to progress in your career. It is recommended to use this area as often as possible to give your reputation a boost. At work, move the meeting room to this sector. Keep in mind that you can also tap into the positive energies of the 8 by placing a moving object such as an aquarium, a TV, a fan, a radio… The Rooster and people with Gua 7 will benefit the most of this star.


It always means good news, happy events and a promotion. It is also the star of popularity, glory and beauty. The NORTHEAST is therefore a good sector to use if you want to start something new or start another career, because the energies present in this sector encourage new departures. After the West, this sector is considered the second-best sector of prosperity. If you have a door in this area, try to use it more often to see the progress in your wealth activities. Couples who plan to marry or start a family will also benefit enormously from the good energies of this area. OxTiger and Gua 8 people will mainly benefit the most from this star.


The NORTH is not very favorable in 2021, as the illness star has taken possession of the premises for the year. It indicates health related problems (especially for girls) and other issues related to real estate investments that bring money  losses. This year, it is strengthened by the sector in which it resides. Pregnant women and the elderly should avoid this area. If for whatever reason you cannot do it, you will absolutely have to reduce the negative energies by placing a salt-water cure or metal objects made of brass, copper, bronze or pewter here. Avoid Fire energy in this sector. People born under the sign of the Rat and Gua 1 people are more vulnerable to the influence of this star.


he star 7 which is in the NORTHWEST in 2021 can bring volatile emotions and, by extension, cause disputes, violence and slander, but also injuries and fire outbreaks. People with existing health problems or complications could expect hospitalization or surgery if the external environment does not support this part of your home. It is mainly people with Gua 6 or born under the signs of the Dog and Pig that will feel the influence of this star the most. Couples who use this area can expect regular disagreements and quarrels. Keep in mind that if your front door is located here, you might be more susceptible to theft and loss. So it will be better for you to take extra care regarding security matters. Moreover, the star 7 can mean unhealthy competition and rivalry in your career. Install a Yin Water cure to remedy and remove all Earth and Metal energy from this sector.

The instructions listed below give you an overview of the annual energies that occupy different areas of your home for a year, from 3 February 2021 to 3 February 2022 (included). Never forget, however, that the areas affecting the wealth and health of people depend largely of the external environment and of the quality and the combination of the facing and sitting stars of the natal chart of your home. If you have any doubt or if you like to get a more personalized assessment of your home, remember to ask a traditional Feng Shui consultant. For more information, please do contact us.

How to locate the different areas in your home? First you will need the floor plan of your home or office. This can be drawn by hand, but it should definitely be to scale. Indicate all interior walls that demarcate the different rooms. Then, divide your plan into 9 equal squares or rectangles. Then you’ll need to know the different directions of your home or office in order to identify different areas of your living or working space. Once you have taken the directions with a compass, you will know which room is located in which direction and you will then be able to superimpose the annual flying star chart on your own floor plan.

You can also find more information in Marc-Olivier Rincharts “L’Agenda & Almanach Feng Shui 2021“, available in French only.

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