Greater Heat Da Shu 大暑

Greater Heat Da Shu 大暑

Since July 22nd, 2017 at 11 pm 17, we entered in the Da Shu 大暑 (Great Heat) seasonal node. It will last until the beginning of the next solar month, on August 7th , when the next Jie Qi, Li Qiu 立秋 “Coming of Autumn” will take over.

But what is it that will characterize exactly the next couple of weeks?

The Da Shu 大暑 period, when the Sun will reach its peak at 120°, is often considered as being the hottest time of the year in China. Temperatures are soaring and it is not uncommon to see fire disasters – as currently in the South of France-, or weather phenomena related to the heat (sudden storms with heavy pouring rain, thunderstorms lightning,…) being declared. Also, the combination of heat and humidity is ideal for locusts and to cultivate abundant agricultural crops, if you have planted them at the right time previously in the year. The Zhang 長 (of the movement of the Summer) growth is now complete and the Shou 收 harvesting (of the movement of Autumn) will soon be able to start. Nature will dress in its finest assets, offering us wonderful jasmine and lotus flowers.

Healtwise, remember to continue to eliminate heat (to keep you in balance), to increase the Qi of the body (while protecting the spleen and stomach) and to treat eventual winter diseases in advance (by using moxibustion, for example). Therefor, be sure to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables such as lychees (just as well nourishing as ginseng this time of the year), broccolis, pineapples (which seems to taste better this season), eggplants or pumpkins (the latter ones especially if you have high blood pressure or diabetes) to reinforce the vital energy of the human body.

I’ll leave you on these simple tips, before returning here on the lookout for a cool spot in the Ardèche region. Happy summer holiday to all.

Picture credits for Da Shu : Image taken from a traditional Tong Shu, published in Malaysia, 2012

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