Help for health and legal problems in June – month of the Fire Horse 丙午

Help for health and legal problems in June – month of the Fire Horse 丙午

Would you like to increase your overall luck or give your health luck a boost after an illness or a chirurgical intervention? Or do you want to get rid of these legal issues that have been bothering you? If the answer is YES, than during this June 丙午 month (after June 5th until July 6th) you can activate the Northeast 1 and 2  (,艮 – between 22,5° and 52,5° on a compass) sectors of your home.

OK, but what do we mean by “activate”?

In this case, to activate two specific stars that provide help and support for health or legal problems, you need to “renovate” these sectors. Make a hole in the wall, floor or garden and then renovate it for example. Trust your imagination to see what you can do in terms of renovation, but remember you should by all means get in contact with the earth while doing so. Painting the wall or hang a frame will not be sufficient. Alternatively, you can digg the ground in the Northeast of your backyard.

Of course, you will need to start with your renovations on a day when you are not in conflict with ! Double-check in our Feng Shui Diary & Almanac whether or not that day is favorable to you or not.


  1. Pili

    I will follow your advices because I have some legal matters since 2016 and I am waiting for the sentence ! My master day is gui-water branch mao-wood yin and year Ren-water- Dragon chen. So I have to be very carefully during this year.

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