Monthly Flying Stars – October 2018, Water Dog – Ren Xu 壬戌 (from October 8th to November 6th)

Monthly Flying Stars – October 2018, Water Dog – Ren Xu 壬戌 (from October 8th to November 6th)

In addition to the annual flying stars explained in a dedicated article, there are also monthly flying stars that occupy different areas of your home or workplace for a month. Each area will be occupied by one of the 9 different stars for a complete month. This star will combine during this period with the annual star that is already located in the same area.

First, identify the areas where your front door, your bedroom, your kitchen and your living room are located and follow the monthly recommendations to set up some elemental cures to either reduce the impact of the negative stars and/or activate the auspicious energies of these areas.

Each diagram is used in the same way: in each of the 9 squares, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the monthly star while the number in the centre indicates the annual star. Use a reliable compass to determine the direction, and then refer to the corresponding square to see the monthly forecasts for each sector. Focus especially on the protection or activation of the areas in which your front door and your bedroom are located!


The sector of the annual prosperity is visited by the misfortune star. Although this combination can bring some bonuses in terms of recognition and money, these effects are too fluctuating to be exploitable especially since your health luck can take a serious blow at the same time! As usual, use Metal energy to weaken the unfavorable Earth Qi of star 5. And do not let young children sleep in this sector.


You did not know where to learn, study, write or create this month? Do not look any further: do it in the South, because the extremely favorable combination of stars gives you the necessary help for these achievements, which will be crowned with recognition and success. There are also good indications for a promotion. And, ladies, matters of the heart will occupy your mind with beautiful surprises in the end.


Even if your efforts at work can finally be rewarded, the quarrelsome star 3 will make life difficult for children and teenagers this month, not to mention the serious headaches for those who reside in this area. Also, be especially careful with any sharp objects and when you are driving your car this month.


If your front door is located in this area, you can expect to travel more this month, romantic relationships will be under a good omen and your charisma shall increase. It is therefore a good sector for singles who will see their relationship luck favored. The only cloud on the horizon: small respiratory problems and a possible legal entanglement.


Success and accomplishments are there, but not necessarily for the man of the house who will encounter some difficulties. Family relationships are not particularly good and health is tricky. Intergenerational conflicts could surface. Keep any sharp, pointed or triangular object away from this area. Candles and lamps are also to be avoided.


After the problems at work and health last month, the West is occupied by a favorable combination of stars that brings recognition and success as well as good financial deals related to real estate transactions. Your efforts to do so well at work result in a significant drop in your libido at home. And yes, it is difficult to conduct several things at the same time, you have to come to terms with this idea.


Here is a mixed sector, because there are indications of promotion at work, finances are correct and your work is recognized. This being said, with the quarrelsome star you will have to count with gossip, disputes and quarrels. Don’t let things get out of hand to the point of having to hire a lawyer! Move the Fire element away from this area.


The North is the most unfavorable sector this month. If your front door or bedroom is located here, your health will be greatly affected, so place Metal objects here to exhaust the bad energy. Better still: if you can completely avoid this area, do it!


Except for salespeople, representatives and swindlers who will do pretty well this month, others should pay particular attention to finances and redouble attention when handling sharp objects. Infidelity could also tempt you! Place yin water here to calm all these Qi down.

三煞 Monthly Three Killings in the North

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