The Yin Metal Rabbit Month 辛卯

The Yin Metal Rabbit Month 辛卯


A few days ago, we entered into the Rabbit month, leaving the Tiger 寅 – Monkey 申 conflict which existed since the beginning of the year of the Fire Monkey 丙申 behind us. Many of our readers have written to us eager to learn if the tensions were to calm down a little. Well, not really…

In fact, the Rabbit 卯 month of 2016 is characterized by a Xin 辛 Heavenly Stem (Yin Metal). Please do remember that the Rabbit month is part of the spring season, during which the Wood energy is at its highest level. The Heavenly Stem Xin 辛 (Yin Metal) will therefore not only cut the Wood of the Rabbit, but also the Hidden Stem 乙 Yi (Yin Wood) tucked away under the Rabbit.


But what does this mean? Yin Metal symbolizes, among others, swords, knives or other sharp objects. Yin Wood represents not only the younger generation but also the neck, spine etc. So be careful when traveling and do not practice risky sports this month. In a year that is already characterized by risks during travel, choose well your dates of departure and return when planning your trips.

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