What about activating the Dragon Virtue…

What about activating the Dragon Virtue…

So, now, what can you do to remedy?

You can activate the Southeast 1辰 on October 30th at 9:30am (local time wherever you are).  You cannot use this date if you have a Monkey in your BaZi chart. Another alternative is November 5th at 6:30am, don’t use this date if you have a Tiger  in your BaZi.

Ok, but how to activate? On this day at the given time you have several choices for activation : (choose the one that suits you best)

  • make some renovation works in this sector or nail something in the wall,
  • move all the furniture in this sector,
  • put a moving water feature for 2 weeks (but be aware, the quantity of water is important ! a small decorative water feature is not enough!)

Those activations dates have been calculated by Dato Joey Yap

Things do not go as they should right now? Many obstacles are in your way, or even financial or relational losses? Your neighbors do work on their property? You, or your neighbors, may have unwittingly or inadvertently stimulated the adverse energy of the year: the Tai Sui in the  West 2 () or the 3 Killings in the East (NE3,E1,E2, E3, SE1).

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