Another wishfulfilling date…

Another wishfulfilling date…

This week, we are pleased to share with you a date to fulfill your wishes (mainly related to health and wealth).

Take note of the date of Sunday, December 8th, 2019 at 3:30 am wherever you live (no need to perform an hourly conversion).

To do this activation, you should go the the room located in the Southeast sector of your home. Light a candle and put yourself in a state of relaxation or, for those who practice, in a meditative state.

Once this state has been reached, you can pronounce your wish by placing your back to the Southeast (so facing Northwest). Be as precise as possible.

If you have a Rooster (酉) in your BaZi, you can not use that date.

Attention, one wish at a time! No need to draw up a list. Once your wish is stated, do something in relation to that wish. You would like to know if your wish will come true? Observe what happens in a 7 day time frame: if you notice someone wearing something red AND if you hear like a repetitive noise (rain falling on the rooftop, waves,…) your wish will come true 😉


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