Tai Sui – Part 2

Tai Sui – Part 2

We saw in a previous article which zodiac signs were affected by the Tai Sui in 2018. We will now see what is unfavorable or what should not be done when we are in conflict with the Tai Sui and what we should do. In the things to do we will distinguish what is traditionally done in Feng Shui and what Chinese culture or folklore advocates.

First of all remember that all people born in a Dog year are concerned this is what is called the Ben Ming Nian  (本命年), the Tai Sui is always in the direction of the animal of the year, so this year the direction of the Dog (North-West 1), next year in 2019 it will be the direction of the Pig. If we summarize, whatever your sign is when you are 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 years old … You are Ben Ming Nian and therefore you are in conflict with the Tai Sui.

But what does this usually mean?

You can expect more changes in a year like this compared to other years. You may encounter more adversity, suffer financial loss or illness, relationships may also suffer and you argue more often. That said, on a more positive note, if you soothe or do not offend the Tai Sui, you may end up with some challenges to overcome but they’ll bring opportunities and you will achieve great things.

Now let’s come to what to avoid doing or having when you are in conflict with the Tai Sui!

In general, this is not a good year to change jobs, or career direction, it is also not a good idea to start a new business or make significant investments. Far-away journeys are also discouraged. Moving or getting married can also bring some problems. For the signs in conflict, stay away from problems, you must remain rational to get you out of trouble. If you put too much emphasis on your personal mood, you will conflict and quarrel with others, or offend them, but the problem is that they may think you are doing it on purpose! Do not act recklessly or impulsively. Think about yourself and how to improve yourself to avoid problems.

From a Feng Shui point of view:

Valid for all signs of the zodiac

  • having your entrance door, office or bedroom oriented to Tai Sui or Sui Po, so for 2018 to NO1 or SE1 brings you the conflict.

  • Tai Sui is particularly sensitive to direct confrontation, if your usual seat, office, kitchen or bed are oriented in one of these directions you are also in conflict (even if these directions from a Ba Zhai point of view , are good directions for you).

  • Tai Sui does not like noise and agitation. Digging or renovating (drilling a wall, planting a nail …) in the direction of Tai Sui or Sui Po is also prohibited to not offend.

  • It is also not recommended to have heavy objects in the direction of Tai Sui or Sui Po, such as refrigerators, furniture (cabinets …).

What can you do now to soothe the Tai Sui when you are in conflict with or to avoid becoming involved?

Valid for all signs of the zodiac

  • first, the Tai Sui likes his pet the Pi Yao . So you can soothe it by placing a Pi Yao in the Tai Sui area or wearing it as an amulet.

  • You can also place a Tai Sui plaque in the area or wear a Tai Sui amulet to protect yourself, you never know when and where you could have offended the Tai Sui.

  • Keep the area clean and tidy.
  • You can go to a Taoist temple to perform a ritual that will pacify the Tai Sui.

  • You can also use your “astrological allies”  Six Harmonies or Three Harmonies Combinations to bring you support and persistence.

From a cultural or folkloric point of view

  • Dressing in red (underwear, belts, socks …) would be a good way to protect yourself from Tai Sui when you are in conflict with. However, keep in mind that these must have been offered by friends or family, you can not just go get a red set for the year.
  • Blood donation: As you are more likely to suffer injuries during the year, you need to avoid risky activities and donate blood.
  • Wearing Jade, says conjure bad luck when you are in conflict with the Tai Sui.
  • Placing green plants in the Northwest in 2018 would bring good luck for the whole family.

The 3rd part dedicated to Tai Sui will return to its astronomical and astrological origins.

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