Which animal signs are in conflict with the Tai Sui of 2020?

Which animal signs are in conflict with the Tai Sui of 2020?

Originally, Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter 太岁 was an imaginary star that followed the exact path of Jupiter, but in the opposite direction (directly in front of Jupiter), eventually, it was transformed into a group of 60 deities. When we speak of « Stars » we must more imagine a « body of energy ».

Ancient Chinese astronomy, BaZi astrology, and Yi Jing divination use the Chinese calendar which is calculated using the 10 Heavenly Stems 十天 干 (5 elements yin and yang) and the 12 Earthly Branches 十二 地支. Both combined produce a 60-year cycle (60 Jia Zi). The day the Tai Sui goes from one section to another in the celestial sphere is called the Li-Chun 立春 or « Beginning of Spring ». This is the day that is also to mark the start of a new solar year. It is also the best day to honor Tai Sui in taoist temples…

The 60 Tai Sui, or Celestial Generals, are supposed to help the Jade Emperor to control and take charge of the world of the mortals, while this last ruler of Heaven is more in charge of the celestial sphere. Every Tai Sui is responsible for a particular year in the 60-year cycle. At the beginning of each year, there are 4-5 types of conflicts that affect certain astrological signs.

In 2020, year of the Geng Zi Metal Rat, the people who are in conflict with the Tai Sui are the people who were born in the year of the Rat, the Horse, the Rabbit, the Rooster and the Goat. These are Fan Tai Sui (in confrontation with Tai Sui). Not everyone is in the same boat and the meaning of conflict with Tai Sui brings different things.

What is Fan Tai Sui 犯太岁?

Generally, a Fan Tai Sui year (in conflict with Tai Sui) means setbacks, such as instability in career and finances, obstacles or problems in marriage, health issues, and even disasters. . If you are in conflict with the Tai Sui, you should be extremely careful during the year, during which time you will be subject to arguments and conflict, and defeated by failures. Businessmen can suffer financial losses, spend more and get fewer returns in a Fan Tai Sui year. The quarrels are more important with your partner or you meet a third person. In addition, you are easily cheated and betrayed, and suffer from financial losses or complaints caused by misbehavior, so you should be extremely careful.

The RAT offends the Tai Sui (令格鋸)

As the Chinese proverb says, people who offend Tai Sui will suffer unhappiness if there are no happy events. In 2020, Rats might often fall ill, feel pessimistic and restless, and suffer from romantic issues. Therefore, they should exercise and eat healthier. In addition, they should also spend more time with family because the good family atmosphere can reduce their depressed state of mind.

The RABBIT tortures the Tai Sui (覲格鋸)

Gossips, scandals, backbiting, emotional instability and malicious people could become the norm at work for Rabbits this year. Moments of crises involving investment failures and accidents can result from these siutations. As a result, this may be an unsuccessful year for them. It is best to remain discreet and learn relaxation exercises such as meditation or sophrology.

The HORSE conflicts the Tai Sui (녑格鋸)

Horses will come into conflict with the Tai Sui. They will experience ups and downs in life and will find that things are always against them. They will have the feeling that their work is worthless and will feel insecure. The problems can be of many types (accidents, injuries, death of a loved one, hospitalization, loss of money, bankruptcy, loss of job, separation, etc.). Caution should be exercised. Therefore, Horses should consider donating blood and doing more charity in 2020. They should take part in joyful occasions to deflect the bad luck.

The ROOSTER breaks the Tai Sui (팎格鋸)

Synonymous with loss of money, love and relationships of all kinds. The slightest mistake could result in financial loss. For example, you could receive speeding tickets, a fine for driving under alcohol, an investigation by the authorities for wrongdoing, etc.

The SHEEP harms the Tai Sui (벧格鋸)

During this year, Sheep will have the impression of feeling misunderstood by the other 11 signs and of being rejected by those around them, even betrayed by their closest friends. Therefore, they will need to be careful about money and pay close attention to how they communicate and what they eat. Their public image could be tarnished by malicious people and this could be a major obstacle for those of you who wish to advance in politics, showbiz, business and sales.

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