How do you really activate your Nobleman Star ?

How do you really activate your Nobleman Star ?

A well kept secret, but yet so effective!

If you want to get help from your “Noble Men”, you must first determine who they are. To do this, you can use our BaZi calculator to find out. You could ask and say: “Okay, but what are they useful for?” In fact, these “Noble Men” stars provide you assistance in the form of people of good advice, or simply by the resolution of a situation which seemed so far so inextricable, this type of energy is here to help you with any difficult situation you might encounter… A  “Nobleman” day can also prevent serious dangers. To have it in your Four Pillars of Destiny is always a good sign! So, check in your own BaZi if you have them.

Very well, but now, how to activate them?

Once you know your “Noble Men”, you have to locate them on a compass using the Earthly Branch (animal sign) that corresponds to the Nobleman. Once the Earthly Branch is located, simply put moving water in the 15° concerned and leave it for 2 weeks. Also, you will need to start again a few months later!

Note: however, that as any activation, you must choose a good day, with which you are not in conflict, and a good time. To do this, check the Feng Shui Diary & Almanac.


    1. Hi Lee,
      let me explain with an example. Let say your nobleman is the Snake, its sector on a compass is Southeast 3 which means between 142.5° and 157.5° You have to know the 24 Mountains to use such a formula. I hope this answer your question ?

      Best regards,

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