Wishfulfilling time tonight

Wishfulfilling time tonight

For those who get up early or go to bed really late.

Here is a new wish-fulfilling day, for yourself or for the others, tonight on October 4th between 3am and 5am (wherever you are). To benefit from this date you have to be able to bring yourself in a kind of meditative state, at least really relaxed.

Once you’re in this state, you can wish for whatever you want with your back to the Southeast (so facing Northwest), that’s all 🙂 You can’t use this date if you have an Ox (丑) in your Bazi chart (especially Earth or Water Ox, 己丑 or 癸丑)

Just do one wish at a time, no need to make a big list. After it’s done, take some action regarding your wish.

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