Full moon and Lunar Eclipse

Full moon and Lunar Eclipse

Do you remember my article from June 19th in which I already introduced you to this months’ natural events that will be occurring soon?

Today’s Full Moon (November 30th 2020) will be happening together with a Lunar Eclipse. This natural phenomenon is the first of 3 forthcoming astrological events that show us that a change is gonna come (the other two will be the Solar Eclipse on December 14th 2020 and the Equinox of December 21st ; during which Jupiter and Saturn will both go into Aquarius mode.).

The moon has the power to bring clarity in situations when you feel lost. If you are sensitive to energetic vibrations, you will most certainly feel that the next 21 days will force us to change – hopefully for the better – or they will at least bring us a more clear view or what needs to be done in order to become better.

Of course, the first step is to remain open and pay attention to the signs that the universe will bring forth to us. The second step, will be to realize what needs to be done in order to help you reach your goals and move forward and to make you a better and more happier person.

The year of the Metal Rat 2020 has been a tough ride for most of us. The end of 2020 is near! And you know what? When you are half way down, you are always half way up as well! Just turn around, take a step back, just enough to take a leap of faith and jump start your new sprint!

A change is gonna come! You have the keys in hand to decide wether or not you would like it to be for the better!

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