The solar eclipse of 14 December 14 2020

The solar eclipse of 14 December 14 2020

My articles of June 19 and November 30 already informed you about the natural phenomena of this month of December.

Tomorrow, December 14, 2020, there will be a total solar eclipse 天 狗食 日 on the celestial axis of Tiger and Monkey (寅 – 申. As said before, solar eclipses are not highly rated energetically, and it is strongly discouraged to be outside while this is happening. In our European regions, GMT +1, although the eclipse will not be visible from here, its effects will still be strong mostly between 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. So avoid going out between these hours (yes, sometimes, being confined can be good …), especially if you have a Tiger, Horse, Dog, Pig or a Monkey in your BaZi or if your energetic vibration is already low.

But as you already know by now, and as one of my masters Joey Yap often tells us, there is always something positive to be learned from a negative situation, even during a solar eclipse that falls on a negative day.

During an eclipse, the yin-yang (moon / sun) balance is momentarily destabilized and you can take advantage of this phenomenon to symbolically cleanse the “slate of negativity” that characterizes your end of the year 2020 and erase it before the start of the new year 2021.

So you could use the solar eclipse of the unfavorable day of December 14 to get rid of negative energy and send it back to the void created by the eclipse. Take advantage of this day to meditate facing the WEST (if you are looking for answers or people who can help you unblock a situation), the NORTHEAST (for any request concerning your career, your creativity, your prosperity), the NORTH (to promote health and healing) or to the SOUTHEAST (to improve your relationships). As always, start by putting yourself in alpha state first (if you don’t know how to do it, count from 64 to 0. If you make a mistake, start all over from the beginning), formulate your wish and visualize your problems pushed towards the void of the eclipse so that they disappear at the same time as it.

Take care and see you soon for more articles.

Marc-Olivier Rinchart, author of L’Agenda & Almanach Feng Shui published by Editions IFS

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