Getting help, or reduce the impact of the annual afflictions

Reduce the impact of the annual afflictions or getting help

You have inadvertently activated one of the annual afflictions (Five Yellow, Three Massacre, Tai Sui, Sui Po) and you feel that everything is going wrong? Or you just want to get help moving forward with your plans. In this case, Thursday, April 26th is the date you need!

At 7:30 am (or between 7am and 9am, wherever you are), activate the Northwest 3 (322.6 ° to 337.5 ° on the compass) of your home!

How to activate? The easiest way is certainly to move the furniture you have in this direction, take the opportunity to do a little housework. For the more adventurous, you can also nail a nail in a wall in this direction.

If you have a Horse  in your BaZi you can’t use this date, it will not bring you any benefit.

This date has been calculated by Dato Joey Yap

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