Monthly Flying Stars – February 2018, Month of the Wood Tiger – Jia Yin 甲寅 (from February 4th to March 4th)

Monthly Flying Stars – February 2018, Month of the Wood Tiger – Jia Yin 甲寅 (from February 4th to March 4th)

In addition to the annual flying stars explained in a dedicated article, there are also monthly flying stars that occupy different areas of your home or workplace for a month. Each area will be occupied by one of the 9 different stars for a complete month. This star will combine during this period with the annual star that is already located in the same area.

First, identify the areas where your front door, your bedroom, your kitchen and your living room are located and follow the monthly recommendations to set up some elemental cures to either reduce the impact of the negative stars and/or activate the auspicious energies of these areas.

Each diagram is used in the same way: in each of the 9 squares, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the monthly star while the number in the centre indicates the annual star. Use a reliable compass to determine the direction, and then refer to the corresponding square to see the monthly forecasts for each sector. Focus especially on the protection or activation of the areas in which your front door and your bedroom are located!


While the Southeast is a good sector for prosperity this month, and staying there will bring you good financial opportunities and a possible promotion at work, it is not a good sector for young children and honeymooners who should avoid it. Some tensions could arise in your couple. Also be careful if you already have back (lumbago) or kidney problems; it may not be a good idea to spend too much time in this area of ​​your home.


If you are looking for success and growth, then this is where you will need to spend time this month! Be especially careful with any fire source here (candles…) as the risk of fire is higher.


This is not a good area this month. If your front door is located here, you will have to face blockages and obstacles, mainly in your career and finances. The monthly star 2 also brings health problems related to the stomach and the abdomen. Try to avoid this area as much as possible. If your bedroom is in this area, add additional Metal energy.


The monthly star 3 visits this sector and brings a lot of problems. The risks of burglary, theft, loss of money are the possible consequences. Disputes between spouses could lead to separation and some health problems are also likely to occur (mainly related to the feet and legs or cuts to the arms). So, try to avoid this area as much as possible this month and place some yin water. Remove Fire elements from here.


The star 9 accentuates the bad energies brought by the monthly star 5 that brings money problems linked to gambling as well as bad investments. Problems to the eyes may also arise. Place Metal here to overcome the bad Qi or avoid this area if you can this month and remove any Fire energy!


This is definitely not the best sector to use during this month of February 2018. If you are in business, competition is likely to be rough and possible money loss is to be expected. If your bedroom is located here, postpone any non-emergency surgery. If you are in a relationship be careful about third-party interference that could lead to a separation. Pregnant women should avoid this area as much as possible.


These stars bring you a mixture of conflicting energies that brings positive outcomes (good prosperity, credibility and status), but also some negative ones (tensions within your family and especially between brothers). Therefore, pay attention to disputes and conflicts that might emerge. Use the Fire element (candles, lamps…) to pacify the energies of this sector.


If your bedroom is in this area, you will be particularly prone to the unfavorable effects of these two stars combined, especially the younger son. Tensions between spouses are to be expected if the bedroom is located in the North. Try to change bedrooms for this month if you can. In other rooms of the house, the risk of illness, accidents and disasters can be countered with the Wood element. So place plants in this area, unless it is a bedroom.


This is another very good sector for prosperity and financial affairs! Spend time here to benefit from the Qi. Your career is also favored, especially if you work in the craft industry. It is also a good spot for learning activities, so if you have exams or homework to prepare, you should try to do it here. Be careful with sharp objects and note that headaches could be more common this month.

三煞 Monthly Three Killings in the north

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